About Ocean



Ocean works from life.  Painting is a practice of paying close attention to the specifics and particulars of things. For him, painting is a discipline that can take you out of yourself and into the world around you.

He paints in a direct, alla prima method, usually in a single session.  He thinks of painting as a performance, like singing or dancing, something that’s done in time, and that demands virtuosity and complete focus. The paintings that result are the record of that encounter.


Ocean Quigley is a traditional, realist Bay Area painter.

Both of his parents are artists, and he’s been a painter all of his life. He grew up in Hawaii and in Maine, went to art school at Parsons in New York, and at CCAC in Oakland.

For years, Ocean was the art director and creative director of numerous games produced by EA, including SimCity, Spore and the Sims.

His paintings have toured the world as part of the Game On exhibit arranged by the Barbican Gallery.